Modi ‘s Prospects: 2019 Election

This upcoming 2019 general elections are the topic at every nook and corner of the country. Whether Modi would come back to power or he’ll be ousted from Delhi is the only question being asked or in other words its coming up as the referendum on modi’s tenure ,his achievments and shortfalls.

Though the opposition is trying to set a narrative that Modi govt has been an anti people regime and hence its Modi vs The People of India and not the opposition parties but Modi the master of oratory has his own narrative and pitches for a strong government at the centre yet again to take his unfinished dovelopment juggarnaut forward.

Towards the beginning of 2019 it looked as if its going to be evenly poised contest in which both the ruling regime and the opposition have chances to form the govt at the centre but after Feb 14th Pulwama terrorist attack on CRPF convoy followed by Indian Air Force Air Strike at BALAKOT has turned around the debate in the country and from opposssition narrative of farm distrss and unemployment , it has brought up the issue of national security which indeed is an issue in the forefront.

This has definitely helped the BJP to regain its lost ground and play on the front foot as this can very well become a Turning Point in the run up to the general election.

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