Trump’s India Visit

Making his first visit to India after assuming office, Donald Trump arrived at Sardar Patel International airport in Ahemdabad. Prime Minister Modi himself received him at the airport. A very excited Trump along with the first lady began his trip sitting in his official car called ‘The Beast’. People were standing along side roads cheering dancing and showcasing India’s rich cultural diversity. Gandhiji ‘s famous Sabarmati Ashram was the first destination where Trump and The first lady paid a visit. PM Modi became the host and showed both of them the place. He even made them to try their hands on Gandhiji ‘s famous Charkha. It was followed by their remark on the visitors book.

Next in line of the destinations was the Most awaited ‘Namastey Trump’s event where both The US President and Indian PM were to Address the gathering of 125 thousand people at the Moteram Cricket Stadium which is also the largest cricket Stadium in the world.

Few major points that Trump raised are as follows:

– Praised Modi for his successful welfare programmes like Electrification and Sanitation initiatives.

-Applauded Modi for his historic Victory in the General Elections held last year.

– Emphasized on the shared values of equality,religious freedom,individual liberty and democracy.

-Talked about cooperation on asia Pacific region between both the countries.

-Raised the issue of global terrorism and vowed to end Radical Islamic Terrorism.

– Compared India’s democratic credentials to the authoritarian communist regime of China though not in straight words

-On trade agreement issue, he hoped for some good arrangement later on.

Overall his speech of 37 minutes was about telling India it’s importance in the eyes of US as he called India to play an important part in local geopolitical arrangement.

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